Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lovely Limoges

Limoges Porcelain has been a staple part of our store for over 10 years. We love the simplicity, elegance and timelessness of these handcrafted porcelain pieces. The Limoges region began producing porcelain in the late 1700s and continues to manufacture exceptionally beautiful crockery for us all to enjoy. Drink up! x

The perfect gift for someone special!

Eclipse Pastel Blue Mug ($125), Teacup & Saucer ($160), Breakfast Cup & Saucer ($220)

Eclipse Rose Petal Mug ($125), Teacup & Saucer ($160), Breakfast Cup & Saucer ($220)

Eclipse Mink Mug ($125), Teacup & Saucer ($160), Breakfast Cup & Saucer ($220)

Eclipse Pastel Green Mug ($125), Teacup & Saucer ($160), Breakfast Cup & Saucer ($220)

Pastel Green Stripe & Mink Stripe 12.5cm Bowls ($105 each)

Pastel Blue Stripe & Rose Petal Stripe 12.5cm Bowls ($105 each)

Cute as a button Two-cup Teapot $315

Eclipse Teapot w/Rose Petal Lid ($370) & Eclipse Sugar Pot w/Pastel Green or Pastel Blue Lid ($220 each)

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Curious Creatures

Embroidered delights! Meet our curious creatures..

Bear Portrait Cushion 

Fox Portrait Cushion

Owl Portrait Cushion

Penguin and Crab 

Arctic Fox

Teepee Fox

Come and see them for yourself!

Love Magnolia x

Friday, 27 September 2013

Eye Candy

For your viewing pleasure over the weekend..A few snaps of what's new in store. Enjoy x

Love Magnolia x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Weekend in Sydney

Sometimes a weekend is all you need x

Want more? Robyn has been documenting her travels on instagram @robynmckendry 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Who's coming for dinner?

Whether you're hosting a beach side luncheon or formal dinner, what better way to add some character to your table than with some rattan place mats, bright porcelain, white marble, linen napkins and a few knick-knacks from around the home. Here's a few things we came up with... enjoy x