Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Spring Time!

A Few tips to freshen up your home this Spring without breaking the bank!

- A good spring clean is necessary to blow out the winter cobwebs

- Plenty of fresh flowers and lovely big bowls of fresh fruit

- Add some fresh cushions to your lounge indoors and out to sharpen your look

- Consider a new floor rug and add a zing of colour with the Dash and Albert rugs

- Update your lamp shades to change the look of a room

- Shuffle your furniture around

- Get rid of daggy soaps and candles and start with new and clean like the new Gascoigne and King Gardenia candle

- Tear out all of your favourites out of all of your old magazines and create a look book of beautiful things

- Plant up pots of herbs and annual flowers for lovely bursts of colour and scents

- New bath towels and sheets make an incredible difference. If not, a good nappysan is the trick!

- Line dry all of your towels and bed linen to bleach them clean and fresh otherwise spray them with a fresh sea breeze linen spray from the south for France.

The Magnolia Girls x

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